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    Why Method Matters

    Jaime Fraser, BA (Hons)

    Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer

    Do you want a happy, confident dog? A dog who can control their own impulses out in the real world and make choices that positively reinforce your relationship? Positive reinforcement dog training is SCIENCE-BASED and FORCE-FREE!

    Dogs learn primarily through body language. Period. We use methods including shaping, luring, and capturing behaviour, counter-conditioning and desensitization. Sounds intimidating, but trust us, it's easy! We will teach you the tools needed to create the kind of relationship you want with your pooch!


    "There are gonna be a core set of values that shouldn't be up for debate. Should be our North Star." ~Barack Obama


     Dog Trainer located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Jaime has extensive experience in the dog rescue field now specializing in 'Rescue Dog' In Home Integration (see below), spending several years in-home fostering for both local and international rescues. As well, she has invested much of her time and energy volunteering at local shelters with "hard to home" dogs and cats. She has made it her life mission to help all dogs stay IN the home. For life. Happy.