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    Jaime Fraser, BA (Hons)

    CCS Professional Dog Trainer

    Do you want a happy, confident dog? A dog who can control their own impulses out in the real world and make choices that positively reinforce your relationship? Positive reinforcement dog training is SCIENCE-BASED and FORCE-FREE!

    Dogs learn primarily through body language. Period. We use methods including shaping, luring, and capturing behaviour, counter-conditioning and desensitization. Sounds intimidating, but trust us, it's easy! We will teach you the tools needed to create the kind of relationship you want with your pooch!


    "There are gonna be a core set of values that shouldn't be up for debate. Should be our North Star." ~Barack Obama


    Jaime Fraser is a Professional Dog Trainer under Norma Jeanne Laurette's CCS (Canine Correspondence Studies) program. Located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Jaime has extensive experience in the dog rescue field now specializing in 'Rescue Dog' In Home Integration (see below), spending several years in-home fostering for both local and international rescues. As well, she has invested much of her time and energy volunteering at local shelters with "hard to home" dogs and cats. Mentoring under Michelle Morin CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT of Canine Evolution Waterloo (www.canineevolution.org), she has made it her life mission (which was inspired by Michelle and a few special dogs), to help all dogs stay IN the home. For life. Happy.

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    "It's quite widespread in rock culture, that mythology of the shooting star. I'd rather be the North Star. As Bob (Dylan) says, you can navigate by it." ~Bono


    Rescue Dog In-Home Integration

    Prior to adopting: Contact us prior to adopting your new rescue for a tailor-made plan designed to prepare you for the arrival of your new addition! This plan includes an in-home consult with a personalized overview of topics such as the car-ride home and what to expect the first 24 hours with your new family member. Other topics include the importance of creating a safe zone, acclimatization through slow and safe exposure and socialization, and finally how to navigate the first two weeks while using everyday in-home activities as testing and training opportunities, all while using positive methods. A two week follow up consult is also included. Already home? Have you have already brought your new rescue home and hit some hurdles? No worries! We are here to help! We offer assistance with an array of issues including leash skills/impulse control, jumping, resource guarding, car rides, crate-training and inter-pet socialization. Regardless if you contact us before or after your new addition we will be there to support you on this exciting journey! Contact us for more details!


    City Skillz

    One on one leash manner's training. Does your dog pull on leash? Bark at other dogs or triggers? We can help give you the tools to make your walks more enjoyable for both you and your pooch-including leash handling skills, how to understand body language in relation to triggers, and a personalized walk plan. Sessions take place outdoors in the real world.


    Around Town Pup

    Classes starting March 2nd!

    If you have a new puppy and are interested in socialization as well as learning new life skills out in the real world, then this is the class for you! Join us for a 4 week training course (1 Saturday per week), which will take place at various locations around K-W and St. Jacobs’ this winter. Socialization can take many forms and is a life-long process. These classes are designed to expose your pup to new sights, smells, sounds and environments while improving their confidence, and ability to adapt to new situations. Basic Obedience will be introduced by capturing behaviour using luring, and shaping techniques to help teach you how dogs learn and how they see the world. Life skills will also be practiced introducing the concept of impulse control. Our lessons will include, an introduction into how dogs learn using shaping and luring. We will learn and practice such things as "capturing calm", as hand targeting, basic ocoming away from distractions, focus exercises and recall. Visits include those to stores, cafés, shopping areas, parks, etc. While these classes are structured and do contain take-home education material and weekly course overviews via email from the instructor, there is no final test. No pressure! These classes are designed to be fun, motivating, and enriching for both you and your pooch!! 🐾 All participants will ALSO receive coupons and discounts to the local places we visit including Creature Comfort Pet Emporium and Eco Café just to name a few! Creature Comfort Pet Emporium has also generously donated a copy of their 2019 'New Dog checklist' which is a helpful reference guide for new puppy/dog owners for suggestions of items you may need, and a great discount on all of these items :) Wowza!


    Classes are designed for those pups 7 months of age and younger with the appropriate vaccinations. Classes will take place on Saturday mornings starting March 2 and ending March 23rd. Time slots available include 10:30am-11:30am, and 11:30am-12:30pm. Sunday classes will be available based on interest. These individual classes are also designed for smaller groups of 3-4 pups to allow your dog the freedom to explore, yet learn and absorb in a calm atmosphere with more one on one training focus. If you are at all concerned about the success of your pup, kindly contact us prior to enrolling.

    Private classes also available.


    Meet your dog where they are: Building Your Dog's Resume 101! (Private Training)

    Would you walk into a gym and bench 200lbs having never lifted weights? Nope. Would you enrol in a quantum physics course having never mastered mathematics? Probably not. Then why expect the same from your dog?

    Meet your dog where they are: Building your Dog's Resume 101 is the name of our In-Home Dog Behaviour Consultation program, hosted by Dogs by North Star! We provide private in-home consults for some of your most common behaviour issues as well as obedience. Our aim is to provide you the tools needed to set you and your pooch up for success!


     Hat Trick Puppy - In-home Basics x 3

    For new puppy owners who may not have time to attend regular scheduled dog school, or for those who would like to train in the comfort of their own home, we come to you!! Start your new family member off on the right paw with Dogs by North Star - In-Home Puppy Training! ⭐ Visits are provided by a Professional CCS Dog Trainer using only positive reinforcement methods. Our in-home sessions are flexible, and available on weekends and/or weekday evenings, and include 3 (1hr) sessions teaching puppy: basic manners/obedience (sit, down, stay), including polite greetings, focus exercises, canine enrichment ideas and intro into loose leash walking. We will help teach you (and your family) how dog's learn and provide a foundation of knowledge and life skills to carry you forward. These sessions are designed to be interactive and fun!! 😊🐾 All client-puppies under 6 months are also welcome to join our Puppy Jamboree (Puppy Jam) socialization class held monthly in St. Jacob's or Waterloo. Register online at www.dogsbynorthstar.com or Email us at dogsbynorthstar@outlook.com for more info!



    Smells like Teen Spirit - Leash Manners for teens

    Loose leash manners for teen pups age 6 months to a year. Classes start this spring! Contact us for more details!



    New Dog Grand Slam

    4 In Home Consults at your own pace - behaviour, manners, and loosh leash consults-contact for details


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